Asif July 13th, 2015

Dear Julian Gutted doesnt even come close to how I felt when I got the tragic news. Felt like a body blow. Absolute tragedy that we'll never get to finish all those hilarious conversations we began on a variety of random topics. Thank you for being a true friend. Thank you for sharing your wicked sense of humour. Thank you for your insightful observations. Thank you for getting me involved in the various Diversity initiatives around the Agency. Thank you for breaking bread with me many a time (Brothers will never be the same). Thank you for many a train journey shared.....& montony otherwise broken. Thank you for your positiveness & support through the good & the bad. Thanks for your insights into Japan before I went off there. Thank you for the laughter & as Ned said the many in-jokes (pls do tell them who we ARE!) And most of all mate, thanks for being you....kind, considerate, supportive, a great listener & a great source of wisdom. And funny. If you'd watched 'It's A Wonderful Life' you may have realised just how many lives u touched mate....& how many lives will be the poorer for not having you in it. Always remembered mate, never forgotten.... Power to the People....innit (Wolfie Smith - Tooting Popular Front) We'll meet again im sure......hasta la vista (for now) Asif ; )